Gaugl Holding

Gaugl Metalle - from “exploitation” to foreign trade

After the foundation of the sole trader „vehicle utilisation“ by Ferdinand Gaugl in 1973, the exploitation of car wrecks and sales of parts that were still useable developed soon into the collection of all kinds of metals. Door-to door collections and bulk collections followed soon until finally the company’s first own truck transported the material to the steel plants to be processed.

Nowadays, Gaugl Metallhandel GmbH is a 100-percent subsidiary of Gaugl Holding and employs about 30 people. The vehicle fleet consists of more than 10 trucks with trailers, five of which are equipped with a hydraulic crane. The company operates internationally and can come up with a reference list of numerous dismantling operations (see references). Meanwhile, the founder’s second son, Alexander Gaugl, has taken over the management.

We have specialised in a new recycling field to separate composite materials, where different recycable material is decomposed and then separated from one another.

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