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Gaugl Metallhandel GmbH


Registered office
Gewerbepark 1
8224 Tiefenbach bei Kaindorf


Tel.: +43 (0)3334 / 31 480-0

Fax: +43 (0)3334 / 31 480-4


Legal structure: Company with limited liability (GmbH, Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung)
VAT identification number: ATU57217844, IT00305339996, DE332922980
Company register number: FN 236022t
Company register court: Federl court for civil law Graz (Landesgericht für ZRS Graz)
Employer number: 800247741
CEO: Alexander Peter Gaugl, Heinz Gaugl 
Purpose of this website: This website provides information on products and services of our company.
Line of business: Processing of scrap metal, iron and metal; trading and transport of scrap metal and metal; waste disposal and processing; wholesale without specified field; transnational transport of goods on roads
Member of the following sub-organisations of the Austrian Economic Chamber: Member of the Styrian Economic Chamber, State Committee for Foreign Trade, Technical Unit for Transportation of Goods, Technical Unit for Waste and Resource Management, State Professional Association for Metal Technology
Regulatory authority/Trade authority:  Styrian state government, District Authority Bezirkshauptmannschaft Hartberg-Fürstenfeld
Commercial law regulations and professional law regulations: Waste management Law (Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz AWG 2002), Austrian Trade Regulations (Österreichische Gewerbeordnung)
Access to commercial law regulations or professional law regulations: Specific professional law regulations can be found online in the Federal Law Information System at
Online Dispute Resolution: Consumers can contact the online platform of the European Commission for arbitration at You can write any complains to the email address mentioned above as well.

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All information on this website is protected by copyright law. Texts, photos, images, sound, animation and videos are subject to copyright law and other intellectual property rights. The contents may not be copied, distributed, altered or made available to third parties for commercial purposes. The contents may not be used in any form without consent of the website operator or original creator, especially with regard to database storage, multiplication, distribution, manipulation and any form of commercial use.

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The use of this website is at your own risk. We do not take liability for the continuous availability of this page nor for accurateness, completeness and functionality of published posts, offers and services. Liability is subject to legal requirements. We do not assume liability for any direct or indirect damage arising from the use of this website. This website and its connected services are operated with all due diligence, reliability and availability. For technical reasons, we cannot guarantee that the services are available without disruption at all times, that the required connections can always be made and that saved data will be available in all circumstances. Therefore we cannot gurantee a continuos availability. IP-connectivity to other network operators is made in accordance with availability. We do not assume liability for problems arising from third party network problems. Use of other networks is subject to the terms of use of the respecitve operator. In the event of force majeure, strikes, restrictions on the services of other network operators or repair and maintenance work, there may be restrictions or interruptions, and we assume no liability for such outages.


When linking to other online resources, we do not assume liability for their content, functionality or availability. This also applies to direct or indirect links or references to external internet resources. Links to this website are welcome as long as they are external links in a separate browser window. It is not allowed to implement the main window in a frame. Please let us know if a website we link to contains illegal content. The link will then be removed immediately.

Gender notice

We are an inclusive company and include female, male and non-binary persons in our communication. All phrasing always include all gender identities!

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