Scrap metal and non-ferrous metals

We transform wase to valuable resources


Saving resources for our future

End-of-life vehicles

We win important resources from vehicles at the end of their lifecycle

Scrap metal and non-ferrous metals

We are your innovative and competent partner for collecting, sorting, processing and shredding scrap metal and non-ferrous metals. After being transported to our facilities, our employees process the materials manually or with specialised machines and transform them into resources for metal-working industries.

Our field of operation also consists of international trade with non-ferrous metals.


We buy your discarded metal

Purchase of scrap metal and non-ferrous metals

We buy aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, lead, zinc, tin, lead accumulators, cable scrap as well as ferrous scrap, stainless steel and end-of-life vehicles. During our delivery times, you can bring us the above materials to benefit from our professional services. For larger amounts, we can schedule a pick-up with our logistics department.
When you deliver your materials yourself, payment will be in cash. When we pick up your materials, payment will be made conveniently via bank transfer.


Shredding and sorting of primary materials requires a lot of expertise and even more technical equipment. Despite our advanced technology stack, our experienced employees play a vital role in our company by manually sorting materials and operating our facilities.


A state-of-the-art recycling plant then automatically processes the materials. This advanced recycling process saves resources and reduces carbon dioxide emissions as it generates homogeneous materials that can be used by the manufacturing industry for new products.


End-of-life vehicles

We win important resources from vehicles at the end of their lifecycle. We expertly process your end-of-life vehicle, remove hazardous materials and prepare the vehicle for recycling of its materials. You can deliver your end-of-life vehicle personally or we can pick it up for you.

Disassembly - Deconstruction of industrial plants


Deconstruction of industrial plants

For our team, no steel is too hard and no destination is too far awawy!

Relying on specialised cutting and separation technology and with our extensive experience and continuous training, we are your competent and reliable partner. Due to the complex tasks, we place great importance on workplace security and safety of our employees. Therefore we always exercise caution.

Our portfolio not only consists of disassembly of heating systems and boiler plants, but we also offer deconstruction of complex plants, steel bridges, industrial plants and power plants.

We disassemble for you:

-> Heating systems and boiler plants
-> Industrial plants
-> Power plants
-> Steel bridges
-> Steel constructions / halls
-> Fuel systems / depots

We are more than happy to discuss all available options with you!

Reference projects

Logistics - we go all-in

Transportation & crane pickup

To serve our customers and their individual need, we offer custom logistics solutions tailored to your requirements. To do so, we provide our commercial and industrial clients boxes, skips and containers.


To empty these, we offer crane pickup or exchange containers. Furthermore we offer bulk cargo transportation within Europe.

Our fleet consists of:
-> Crane truck with calibrated weighing unit
-> Hook lift
-> Tipper
-> Push floor

We have certificates in these areas:

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